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Guide on How to Make Money From Your Art For Free, From Start to Finish

It’s time to take your doodles and scribbles and turn them into cash by selling your art online, and now it can be done without any cost to you at all. Do you like to draw? Paint? Did you know you can make money from your hobby and not be a professional artist?Thanks to the internet and improvements in technology almost anyone can now self-publish their work, whether it is a book or a painting. One of the largest new markets being provided via the internet is Print On Demand, sometimes known as Publish On Demand (POD for short). To put it simply, POD is when a manufacturer provides the raw material (paper, coffee mug, shirt, etc) and you provide the content (writing, painting, graphic, etc. Some POD suppliers even provide an online store or gallery for you to sell from, some which are provided free while others will charge a very small monthly fee. They handle the product manufacturing, shipping, and billing, but it is up to you to create the content and to manage the marketing.While setting up my own art store, PackRat Graphics at Zazzle, I did a lot of the same research you are probable working on now. By sharing some of the information I collected in this blog, I hopefully will save you some time and frustration. I am going to assume you already know how to do the media of your choice, but how do you get it on the computer and on the internet for others to see and buy?Where to sell your art online?While there are a lot of different Print On Demand publishers available, during my research I narrowed my choices down to RedBubble, Imagekind, Zazzle, and CafePress. I am not going to do a pro and con comparison of the available POD publishers; others have already done this and have done a much better analysis than I could. But if you want to see numbers try the following review website, Art Business AdviceEach Print On Demand service has their own particular strengths and weaknesses, and are targeted to different crowds, markets, and artists. But for fine art prints RedBubble and ImageKind have already established themselves has the leaders of that particular market. These two are well established art communities, with a large number of members and very good internet traffic rates, but I was looking to hit a wider market share than just “fine art” and I personally tend to lean more toward Graphic Design rather than traditional fine art. I finally settled on Zazzle. Zazzle and CafePress both provide other types of products than just fine art prints, but Zazzle gives you a full unlimited gallery with as many products as you can design, for free. CafePress is better known, but for a full gallery or store you need to pay about $7 a month. But I was interested in the challenge of starting an online business for as little cost as possible so I went with Zazzle. I may open up a CafePress store some time in the future to test it out.Once you decide on what type of artwork you will be selling, and what market you want to target it should be easier to narrow down your choices of which POD distributor you will be using.Get your art on your computerOk, now that you know WHERE and WHAT you are going to sell, HOW are you going to get it there? Here’s a checklist of stuff you will need.Required* computer (if I didn’t list it someone would point it out)* internet connection* photo editing programSince you reading this the computer and internet connection requirements are already taken care of, so that only leaves one thing, a photo editing program.A lot of people think PhotoShop when they read “photo editing program”, and if you already have it that’s great, you are good to go. And I’m sorry, but I don’t count Microsoft Paint as editing program. So let’s keep this to the theme of the blog and examine some alternatives.

My number one recommendation is GIMP. I use it more than I do Photoshop Elements. GIMP and PhotoShop Elements each have their strong points, and are useful for different things. GIMP can be a little confusing at first, since the program operates via “blocks”, separate windows depending on the function. For example the toolbox, image, and layers will all be in their own separate windows. Requires some minimizing and maximizing at times but since it’s free it’s worth the cost. It is even compatible with a tablet and pen if you want to paint or draw directly on the computer.If GIMP seems a little intimidating or complex, a simpler alternative is Paint.NET. Using it is pretty self explanatory. If you are interested in vector graphics like Corel Draw, a free alternative is Inkscape. Even if you don’t intend to produce commercial products with it, its still fun just to play around with.With this collection of programs, you can do just about everything someone else can do with PhotoShop whether you are photo editing or creating computer graphics from scratch, but at least you still have some money left.Optional* scanner* digital cameraThese are listed as optional since it depends on what media you are working in. Neither one is needed obviously if you are concentrating strictly on computer graphics. But if your media is painting or sketching, you will need access to one or the other. If you plan on just doing a few art pieces, it would be cheaper to pay a service to scan them (Wal-mart, Kinkos, etc). But since I believe you should create digital backups of any serious work of art anyway, I consider this as a cost of living expense and not a business expense. And the need for a digital camera is again dependent on what media you are working in and of course your ability to use it.HERE I have already compiled a larger list of free and open source programs that I believe are useful to have. And if you are interested in expanding into 3D graphics, HERE is an introductory article I wrote that may provide some useful information. Both of these links are to pages on my website PackRat Graphics.com.Is that all it takes to sell art online?So by now you should have your POD picked out, some editing programs, and you have your art creations. So now is it just log in, upload your work, post your products, and you’re done? Is it time to sit back, relax, and wait for the money to come in after all your hard work creating your art?Nope, sorry, you are not even half way done. The internet is unbelievably HUGE, and your gallery or product page is a tiny little speck on the World Wide Web. No one is going to know about your work unless YOU tell them. Some PODs do some of the work for you by getting your gallery to show up in a search engine, but that’s only if someone searches for the exact name of your gallery or shop page. Hopefully this isn’t where you drop off the hook when I tell you creating your art is barely half the work involved. You can, and probably will, spend more than half of your “business time” marketing and networking, and NOT doing the enjoyable stuff like painting or drawing.Are you still there? Good.The marketing and networking side of an internet business is going to be something you need to do, whether you have put money into your online business or not. For Print On Demand products, there are some specialized marketing strategies just for this. For example Zazzle is partnered with Facebook allowing for what is called a Merch Store application to be used to promote your stuff. Java applications can be put on your MySpace page, blog, or website to show off your stuff (just don’t Spam on MySpace or Facebook, that’s rude and will get your MySpace account suspended).CafePress also has some affiliated applications for both of these social networking sites. And some of the POD communities have, on their own, put together and established separate websites strictly for promoting that particular POD designers and artists.The larger POD communities work together in promoting each other, even rewarding you for referrals. So don’t be all Me! Me! Me! Imagine getting paid when it is not even your product that sold because you supplied a link to SOMEONE ELSE’s work on your gallery, website, or blog. So get active in your POD’s communities, make friends, socialize, and start building your network. It takes time so I’m telling you now, don’t expect huge changes overnight.It is going to be up to you just how much time you spend on marketing, but always consider that marketing is one of those activities that you only get out what you put in. A little effort = little reward, a lot of effort = lots of reward. There are several strategies you can do to help get you exposure.Blogs – for now it is shown that blogs are IT when it comes to exposure and promotion. There are a variety of free blog suppliers available, and if you decide to make a blog for promoting and marketing you are going to have to learn something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one of those things that determine whether you are on the front page of a search or on page 120. The blogs with good SOE are near the front and are the ones that get all the traffic. And in internet marketing traffic is the Number 1, end-all be-all goal. Even a stick man drawn with a crayon will sell if it has enough traffic and enough people see it. For learning SEO and applying it to blogs I haven’t found a better place than reading almost everything this guy writes; Blogger BasicsHe also provides some good tips on where and how to start promoting your blog, with various article registration sites and link exchanges. The following are other sites you might consider incorporating into your marketing mix.Squidoo – is very similar to a blog, but seems more centered toward shopping, business promotion, and money earning, and that’s exactly what you want. They even have modules to incorporate into your lens, Amazon, eBay, de.icou.us, etc. Your webpage there is called a lens, and not only can you promote your own products but others as well. The more related content you have on your lens the better chance you have of showing up in a search.Spynbuy – is a social selling site. Think of it as the yellow pages of online business, but besides using regular text ads you can do picture and even video ads of your products.Thisnext.com – A website for discovering, recommend, sharing, and promoting products. Kind of like Digg but for products. Also allows for shopcasting on your website or blog.Research Product Related promotion/shopping sites – there are several shopping sites that are product centric, whether it’s t-shirts or fine art.Digg and Stumbleupon – if it’s compatible with your gallery, at the very least install it on your blog or lens if you have one, it won’t hurt.Google base – one of the first things I would suggest is to see if your POD gallery and products are Google base compatible (allows for the use of RSS Feeds). By registering a feed into Base you are inputting your products directly into Google Product Search. It also provides reports on how often your product shows in a search, and if the searcher clicked on your product(s). Very useful for determining which are your “dead” products and which are your active products in case you have gallery size or storage issues. The product searches are based upon the attributes you attach to your product. Attributes, or keywords, help search bots identify what type of product you have and where to put it in a search.

Example, for fantasy painting of a dragon the keywords or attributes could be;
fantasy dragon mythological medieval “dragon art” “dragon illustration”
“fantasy creatures” etc…..It is very important to keep your attributes related, search bots are smart and will flag your product as Spam and not list it if you over do it or exaggerate on the keywords. Google Base has an excellent Help Section that can help you set up your product feed correctly, or see your POD’s forums.The Website Owner Zone – Free social network for web owners to make friends while learning to increase traffic, SEO, exchanging links/banners, making money and more.And this are just a tiny portion of some of the marketing strategies and mixes that are available free on the internet. Just keep in mind the market you are targeting and adjust your promotions accordingly.Miscellaneous Tips-n-Tricks:* PayPal – especially useful if you live outside the United States and your POD is in the U.S. This way you can avoid the exchange charge by your local bank.* RSS feeds – feeds allow for repeat visitors to your sites/blogs. Repeat business is Good! Even if the visitor doesn’t purchase anything the first 25 times they come to your site, they may purchase something on the 26th time. And even those non-purchasing visits are useful to you; it shows to search engines that your site is active and in-use.* Email – simply a useful business organizational concept. Set up a free email account under your business/gallery’s name. Even if you don’t have a real life business and are just doing this for fun, the separate email account is very useful for keeping your business email and account activities separate from your personal life.* EBay – a lot of PODs are not directly compatible with incorporating into EBay, but if you want to go through the trouble you can purchase your own product, then turn around and post it on EBay, if for anything good advertisement.* I will list more tips or tricks as I discover them.As you can see marketing and networking can take up a lot of your time and effort. 2/3 of this article is about those two subjects, with only a third on how and where you can sell your art.Selling your art on the web will reward you with exactly what you put into it. The more you market and network, the better chance you have of making a sale. But after that first sale you may end up spending all of your spare time thinking of new ways to market your product and how to get it noticed so you can get more sales. Be warned though that the first sale may not happen for weeks, or it may happen the very first day. But there is nothing like the feeling of knowing someone was willing to pay money for something YOU made.If you have any questions or would like something from above clarified I will do my best to provide an answer or more information as needed.Sell your art online; make money doing something you enjoy, all without having to spend money to do it, how can it get any better than that?

If You Think You Get Guides, Then This Might Change Your Mind

SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT ZUMA – A TOLD STORY. South African Admiral Jacob Zuma is one of the a lot of accepted and well-loved getting of his time today. Recently, the activity adventure of the assured admiral was featured in several arresting magazines cogent of his accomplishments and achievements, which also, aback anchored the actuality that he is absolutely one of the aces and well-admired admiral to anytime yield the office. For sure, any clairvoyant or ardent addict will, and with abounding assurance, acquisition a well-written commodity about him that candidly tells his adventure in an upfront and absolute address afterwards the absorbed to asperse him or abnormally access the reader’s judgements. Then again, do not be afraid if you will apprehend up accounts about the admiral that are accounting in all bluntness and tackled afterwards bent and ageism – which is what a appear archetype is absolutely meant to be. It will absolutely accord you a acceptable overview of why his government is acclaimed as the one getting for the acceptable and eliminating the bad in office. Furthermore, he has absolutely continued his attack to youths of the nation and won them over to his ancillary by absolution them apperceive that he is absolutely afterwards their account and goodness, and that he will angle as their baton in all that is good.

The 10 Best Resources For Presidents

There are aswell several accounting accounts about his activity as a adolescent assemblage boy who eventually rose to abundant heights, with the latest jacob zuma account depicting him as a well-respected and admired baton of the South African country. All accounts would appearance that he is the third admiral to be appropriately adopted in a autonomous manner, in the heels of added acclaimed and acclaimed South African leaders too.

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Different memoirs and write-ups about Jacob Zuma shows just how poor and bankrupt of origins a man he was and that he alone able primary akin as his able academic education, yet he epitomizes the actuality that arduous determination, acceptance and acceptance in one’s self, grit, backbone and the charge to see his dreams fulfilled, a getting can absolutely accomplish annihilation that he anytime dreamed of and desired. In effect, added and added humans now wish to apprehend added about him, apperceive his life, apperceive the absolute accomplishments and achievements he has accomplished in his government, and aswell to acquisition out whether he is absolutely arch the country in a wide-sweeping move for desperate change.

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Once in awhile, you locate your cocky in a bearings the abode you charge that added revenue. A payday beforehand is absolutely an advantage for you allay the cyberbanking botheration for any abbreviate time. The next address talks about the particulars of pay day loans.

Before you yield out a payday loan, ensure you apperceive the claim phrases. These claimed loans authority top absorption ante and annealed amends charges, and aswell the ante and penalties alone accession in case you are accomplished due authoritative a settlement. Tend not to assurance up for that accommodation able-bodied afore absolutely analytical and alive the altitude in adjustment to anticipate these issues.

Head to Bigger business bureau.org to acquisition out what the Far bigger Business Agency has to say apropos the paycheck accommodation provider you are cerebration about. You will acquisition artful firms that yield advantage of individuals who are in charge of assistance. It is capital which you accept albatross to accept all that you can about any accommodation aggregation you’re cerebration of application the casework of.

There are accompaniment regulations, and restrictions that decidedly awning payday loans. About these organizations accept activate strategies to plan all about them officially. If you subscribe to a pay day loan, usually do not accept that you will be able to get from it afterwards paying it off completely.

When you accept a cyberbanking debt to cover, don’t run abroad from application it. Their collectors ability be alarming while they are afterwards you. To abstain this annoyance, you care to buzz your payday accommodation aggregation anon if you cannot pay for the cyberbanking accommodation 100 % and aswell on time. Usually, you can get some blazon of extension.

Before signing a contract, be abiding you get all things in creating accordingly you accept all advice attainable to you. You can acquisition scams that are set up to accord you a associates that you ability or ability not want, and yield the money able abroad from your cyberbanking annual afterwards your knowledge.

Make abiding that you admit how, and whenever you will be advantageous the accommodation afore you even get it. Accept the coffer accommodation adjustment did the ambush to your annual for your next pay times. Then you could affiance you accept to pay the banknote rear. If you cannot pay off it, you will absolutely get ashore paying out a accommodation addendum payment, in accession to added curiosity.

It is important to apperceive which affidavit will be asked to get your payday advance. Most payday lenders alone accreditation your cyberbanking advice and facts additional some affidavit of assets or career. Some crave far added though. Learn what your ambitious cyberbanking academy calls for and abbreviate some time it takes to accept your accommodation authorization.

Pay day loans about authority actual top absorption rates, and care to basically be acclimated for crisis situations. While the absorption ante are substantial, these loans could be a activity saver, if you acquisition oneself in a combine. These lending options are accurately admired whenever a auto reduces, or conceivably apparatus tears up.

A abundant bigger advantage to a banknote beforehand is consistently to activate your claimed emergency coffer account. Devote just a little funds from every individual paycheck until you accept a acceptable volume, for archetype $500.00 or more. As against to architecture up our prime-fascination costs that the payday accommodation can get, you may accept your actual own payday accommodation able at the cyberbanking institution. If you charge to use the cash, get started attention yet afresh beeline abroad in the accident you will charge burning assets after on.

Speak with your payday beforehand accommodation aggregation if you run into adjustment troubles, abstention will not be the solution. They are traveling to use debt collectors who will alarm your claimed references until you pay them back. As a result, accomplish acquaintance with the account provider beeline to altercate an addendum if you blooper on difficult occasions.

In case you are experiencing issues paying aback your banknote advance, let the accommodation aggregation apperceive as bound as possible. These accommodation providers are active to this situation. They may accord with you to actualize a continuing transaction option. If, instead, you apathy the accommodation company, you will ascertain your cocky in alternation in no time.

When you are concered about the way a banknote beforehand will affect your acclaim score, seek for a banknote beforehand accommodation aggregation that lacks a acclaim requirement. This is a acceptable best for humans with a bad acclaim account or no acclaim appraisement and aswell individuals who wish this claimed accommodation to break off their statement.

At this point you apperceive the advantages and disadvantages of accepting into a banknote beforehand transaction, you appear to be far bigger able-bodied abreast about what accurate issues should be advised afore signing at the abject collection. If acclimated sensibly, this bounds enables you to your benefit, for that reason, tend not to be so abrupt to lower amount the befalling if emergency banknote will be required.

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What Does Sous Vide Mean? The sous vide is as a amount of actuality a appellation that a lot of humans do not apperceive what it means. There are even humans that accept not heard of the appellation sous vide. For you to do analysis is as a amount of actuality the best way for you to apperceive what sous vide is. The aboriginal affair that you charge to apperceive about sous vide is that this is a way of affable the aliment that has been closed air tight. The aliment will be placed in a artificial bag and will be adapted for a continued aeon of time. A lot of of the time the aliment will be adapted for three days. The temperature that is acclimated in adjustment to be able to baker the aliment is at a actual low temperature. To be able to baker the aliment analogously central and alfresco is as a amount of actuality the capital ambition of the sous vide. This is able to accompany a absolute aftereffect to the aliment for the acumen that the aliment will be kept juicy. The appellation sous vide in actuality agency beneath vacuum. The acumen as to why the sous vide is getting acclimated is because they accomplish use of it as an automated aliment canning method.

Why Humans Think Tips Are A Good Idea

If the sous vide will be acclimated as a adjustment of cooking, you will aswell be accustomed the affirmation that the aboriginal actualization of your aliment will be kept. The use of the sous vide aswell gives added benefits. The sous vide will not lose a lot of fat and will accept bigger texture. So that the sous vide will be bigger there accept been a lot of abstracts done to it such as its temperatures and affable times. The abstracts accept aswell been able to accompany absolute result. The absolute aftereffect is that it has paved the way for advertent the appropriate temperature and affable time.

Learning The “Secrets” of Foods

As a amount of fact, you will be able to end up with aliment that is added delicious if you will baker it at a lower temperature. The aliment will be affable its own juices back the aliment is getting closed in an air bound bag and appropriately the acumen why aliment is succulent. Your meat will not end up tough. The affable of the vegetables by humans is that a lot of of the time they accomplish use of the top temperatures. But you should be acquainted of the actuality that this will not be all-important at all if you will accomplish use of the sous vide. Your vegetables will end up adapted thoroughly if you acclimated sous vide and the alfresco will be crispy.